Date: 21 September, 2020
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AI Alone can Redefine Healthcare. It is Time we Evaluate Our Readiness

Tech is turning out the cannon for a competitive edge for all industries. Healthcare, meanwhile, has an additional purpose to serve – which is beyond just the profits. This is about improving the overall well-being of people and ensuring longevity and life expectancy.

Revolutionary technologies – mainly AI – has a lot to promise and it is time – the leading industry players tap on to the opportunities. Which ones can make an instant fit into your systems?

● AI Algorithms for mining medical records

● Empowering research & clinical trials by fetching data from huge databases

● Analysis of diagnostic reports on deadly diseases such as Cancers (Google’s DeepMind is fetching analytics on breast cancers)

● Bringing drug development costs by more than 50% (IBM Watson is assisting scientists to speed up designs to reduce costs)

● Predicting onset or recurrence of diseases in patients with chronic ailments by looking through performance of body parts

● Instant assistance through video conferencing for patients in emergency in remote areas.

If your institution is making an investment to excel in any of the above areas, you’re definitely in the run up to take healthcare to the next level of excellence.