Date: 01 October, 2020
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Corona Isn’t Still The Greatest Disruption. Are We Geared Up To Survive Industry 4.0?

We’re Navigating into a new era of digital – where the lines that divide physical, biological and digital worlds will likely diminish. Industry 4.0 is going to change everything - how we work, interact, buy and think?

The question is – how well are we prepared to survive and thrive in this evolved, data-driven world

IoT is going to bring that massive revolution in all spheres of our professional and personal worlds. It is going to be all about sense, predictions, automated deliveries and machine intelligence to improve the experiences every time

This simply means an overhaul in the way businesses operate – across industries. The manual and analogue went to a toss quite long ago though, the Ind Revolution 4.0 is drifting the world towards purely machine-enabled industries – smart manufacturing, automated supply chain, self-driven cars, hyper-customized healthcare tools, medicines and personalized buying experiences

Are we still assuming these as things of the future? These disruptions are closer than they appear We need to lead a disruption or shield against the next one now. No 3rd choice