Date: 15 October, 2020
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Disease Diagnose Delay, Jumbling of Reports, Extensive Wait: Does Industry 4.0 Promise A Respite?

The 4th Industrial Revolution comes with various promises, especially, for Healthcare.

These promises come through an interdisciplinary approach that focusses entirely on – performance enhancement, 100% automation of selected interventions, and effective data management and access.

What to expect?

● Reduced inventories as data is stored, managed and retrieved centrally.

● Effective control processes for complex interventions such as surgeries.

● Minimal scope for paperwork. So no jumbling of diagnostic reports.

● Reduced wait time for diagnosis of chronic diseases

● Automations bringing down costs, optimizing treatment delivery

A breakthrough in medical imaging, precision in surgeries, waste recycling and management, patient information analysis, robotic surgeries, digital accuracies, etc will add value through IoT sensors, Cloud and Cognitive Computing, and Advanced AI-based Analytics.

Efficiencies are on the cards. Are we preparing?