Date: 29 October, 2020
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Do Digital or Die. Leaders, This Become a Truer Principle For Us In The 4th Industrial Revolution

Just as everyone and every business around the world, leaders have had the biggest of disruptions in their ways of thinking, delivering and inspiring.

From the challenges of proving an equal excellence in remote leadership to the perquisites of matching their mind-sets with those of leaders in the IT industry—leaders across industries are riding the roller coaster every day. Isn’t it?

But there is more to come. This statement holds much more relevant now – you become digital or be ready to phase out.

Leadership in the new age not just demands a high degree of flexibility and emotional intelligence – but also expects leaders to show an extra-ordinary promptness in embracing even the most complex digital tools, practices and systems.

They need to set examples of these 360 degree adoptions to lead in the 4th Industrial Revolution. The plate is still going to be full.

What is going to be the go-to strategy then?