Date: 24 August, 2020
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"Favoritism". Leaders are often found vulnerable to this tag- even when they do not have a real intent to come across so. Why?

One prime reason for this could be the huge volumes of people they manage and mentor. What else?

It is their ability around stakeholder management. For instance, we see the Sales and Marketing Teams always locking horns with each other when it comes to measuring business growth and finding recognition from the top?

One side will always complain about the CEO or Business Head patting the other one more. Perhaps, the leader doesn't have that intent. But he may be overlooking the need to balance the equation for recognizing both the stakeholders in tandem.

Also, stakeholder management for a leader or anyone else doesn't just confine to recognition. It entails an entire overall engagement of each of them in bringing together the business success.

It demands a lot more mindfulness, practice and measurement. A few things that can help leaders in getting better at it:

● Active Listening: Listening to understand

● Empathy: Assuring the other side that you understand

● Trust: Practicing and winning it back

● Communication: Confirm if the other side understood you

● Feedback: Provide and seek feedback