Date: 14 September, 2020
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Healthcare is a lot more Informed now. Is technology bringing as much intelligence to your institution as well?

Mining Medical records & Designing Treatments– AI is potentially helping mine medical records, designing treatment plans (additional intelligence) and expediting drug delivery. Several companies are leveraging supercomputers to root up therapies from extensive datasets of molecular structures.

Learning & Engagement of Medical Professionals via VR: A HBR study found VR trained surgeons performing 230% better than the conventionally trained ones. In addition to their motivation levels, their precision improved too.

Fitness Tracking, Monitoring and Faster Response through Wearables: The patients today are more informed and empowered to detect their ailments in time. This helps them detect the need for intensive care before it is too late. Wearables are helping track alterations in basic indicators such as BP, sugar levels, heart rate.

Nanotechnology and Chips in Advanced Diagnosis: We have entered the age of nanomedicine where nano-devices can literally swim through our body fluids to detect the onset of deadly diseases such as cancers.

The list goes on. What stage are we at?