Date: 01 July, 2020
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How management and technological expertise makes me a better professional

It’s a world full of disruptions. If we want to thrive, we must rise above our cocoon – taking up more challenging tasks. Often, as we grow up in the career ladder, we're caught up into the management and coordination of the tasks, rather than practicing the functional aspects of the job. That can be a pitfall!

I don't intend to put managers and leaders in a bad light. The thought I'm trying to evoke is -- are we mastering just the management skills as Managers or just the functional skills as team members?

The world order today demands us to bring together and leverage the right mix of both technical and managerial skills. We need to integrate our knowledge of the business side of each deliverable with our technical expertise.

This techno-functional competence will not just increase our prospects for fitting into vivid roles in career ahead, but also, rolling them back into our existing value system.

For instance, when the delivery team and their manager in a software application development company remain mindful of the business aspect of the software, it resonates better.

Let's thrive by becoming more techno-functional and not just masters of either of the two skills.