Date: 15 July, 2020
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How to come together without being together during this pandemic

The pandemic joggled us professionally and personally. We’ve discussed it well enough. It is time to look up then. It is so important for each one of us to ensure that “Social Distancing” does not become “Social Disconnect”. Are we paying attention to that?

If not, we need to be mindful and make some additional efforts to ensure we remain connected, together and yet distanced in terms of keeping away the virus.

Some of the things that can work for leaders and their teams:

1. Hold a regular coffee catch up with the team. This meeting should talk everything but work.

2. Inspire yourself and the teams to mindfully practice empathy. The challenges are for you and hence for everyone.

3. Stop discussing problems. Discuss solutions – what best can be done to resolve the fallout.

4. Use voice messages and video calls instead of chat.

5. Speak up when it is needed. Keep assumptions away.

On a personal front:

1. Keep your work hours defined and ensure family time every day.

2. Converse more with old friends and let them know you are there.

3. Connect with yourself better to mindfully practice all of the above every morning.

These are simple steps but make a huge difference if you practice.