Date: 10 August, 2020
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Is it the right time for building a workforce of tomorrow?

The business world is extremely volatile and unpredictable. Organizations of today are aware of the dubious nature of circumstances and are constantly investing in upgradation of their human capital. Accelerated transformations have made business leaders think about the future of work and plan a strategic transformation of the workforce that is ready to take on future challenges. Building a workforce of tomorrow requires current workforce to be upskilled on emerging technologies and to be made self-reliant.

Nevertheless, the pandemic has changed the way organizations were en route to workforce transformation. The world pressed the pause button and business models went for a toss. Offices are closed and the workforce is on remote working, which was once relished by us.

Organizations now require progressive technological means more than ever to carry out business operations efficiently and to make sure that the workforce is working to its full potential. So the work environments have changed and organizations have an opportunity of building a workforce that is self-reliant, not bound by physical connections, and ready to deal with any uncertainty.

So yes, the time is apt for building a workforce of tomorrow.