Date: 22 October, 2020
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It’s Time We Get Our Roadmaps Ready For Banking & Finance - For An Accelerated Transition Into Industry 4.0

Post Covid- it is not just about winning the digital game alone. All sectors including the BFSI have to re-imagine and reform quickly to navigate through a whole new world.

Well! Needless to say this sector has shown the greatest early signs already, though there is a lot that unfolds and demands an adoption in no time.

Banks have reported a record spike in mobile app adoption throughout the Covid period. However, the IR demands more extensive leverage of the technologies – that ultimately take performance and customer experience to the next level of excellence.

Crypto banking systems can prove to be a prominent example here. Overall, we could call it a win for the banking and finance sector in Industry 4.0 if they reflect –

● Accelerated and simplified transaction processes

● Minimal involvement of human engineering

● Remarkably reduced operational costs

● Optimized and hence reduced costs to customers

● Zero fund leakages

● 100% transparency to customers

What stage of grounding are we?