Date: 29 July, 2020
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Service Innovation in a Digital world

When we, as an organization or as individuals, expect growth, we need to bring innovation to the mainstream. Several leading organizations are fast setting up centers for innovation and define better roles for innovation leaders and teams. The entire objective is to keep on finding newer, better and more resilient ways of surviving the uncertainties in the markets.

In a digital world, especially, today where we’re all moving to online trade and transactions – innovation becomes a lot more important. In the present scenario, for instance, a lot many medium and small size businesses are moving online. There can be innovation seen in terms of new tools coming over that teach the onboarding.

Similarly, the corporate world is going to face challenges of social disconnect between remote employees—those that have never seen each other. In permanent work from home roles, they would need custom online socializing platforms for their workforce.

The retail segment, would have to relook the strategies for personalizing the experiences of customers who have just joined the online buying regimen. From studying their pain points deeply to innovating enough for solutions – they will have a plethora of opportunities.

Innovation makes a lot more sense now.