Date: 07 September, 2020
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To err is human. But errors in healthcare sector can be fatal.

Tech comes with promises to plug loose ends. But are leveraging the apps optimally?

Apps have revolutionized several industries and the impact continues. From improving delivery efficiency to bringing down operational costs and improving customer experiences, web and mobile applications have been instrumental everywhere.

Healthcare has been one such domain, as well where apps – customized to deal with specific functionalities -- can become the game changer.

From bringing access to quality healthcare in remote areas to detecting palpitations or abnormalities (through wearables etc) and improving accuracy levels in diagnosis and reports or fetching patient records, apps have a lot to prove their mettle.

However, the leverage of these technologies can only be possible when there are dedicated teams managing the application development, deployment, performance and enhancements. More so, these teams need influential guidance to keep up proactive strategic efficiencies rolling.

Perhaps, the healthcare management needs leaders who think just as the leaders in IT companies think. Here, they link the operational efficiency to digital edge, and they ensure that profits and purpose – both move in tandem.