Date: 17 August, 2020
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We complain about silos very often. How many of us show the courage to break them but?

The conflicts between Development and Operations have long existed. But very few cross-functional leaders are able to identify the actual gaps, and foster a collaboration that works towards efficient delivery.

We now have solutions such as DevOps in front of us, which are designed on basis of experiential learnings. Yet, Many of us are falling in the trap of seeing it as just another approach to software development.

Let's break that mindset first- Delivery is not the prerogative of Tech Teams alone

The operations teams have to be involved in a more collaborative fashion -- providing a continual and progressive feedback to the tech teams.

This collaboration flows in multiple dimensions. An effective DevOps team brings together people from both - technology and operations teams in a joint platform -- holding each one accountable for the delivery.

Leaders who drive this need to constantly reset everyone's focus on three things - speed of delivery, quality of delivery and usability success.

All these components together drive Business performance – not in silos!

Are we leveraging it that way?