Date: 28 September, 2020
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What it Means for Healthcare to Become Future-Ready?

The Healthcare CIOs are already doing a lot to integrate data around the doctors, payers, providers and patients. They’re gearing up to witness the shifts in the cloud landscape, as well.

Blockchain for Security:

There is going to be a much higher need for physical security requirements. Token-based security protocols can help in this area.

Uninterrupted Access to Real-time Data:

Medical professionals, especially, the ones conducting surgeries of managing emergencies would be able to improve patientcare by accessing related data and records in the real-time.

Adoption, Adaptation and Optimization:

From a tech perspective- adoption and adaption will bear much deeper meanings. This will expect healthcare professionals to become a lot more technically literate and efficient to handle digital channels for operational efficiency at institutions. Doctors may have to become more self-sufficient in accessing tools and software, for instance.

Managing Hybrid Clouds:

This could be sharing of cloud between public and private entities. This proliferation could turn out to be daunting if the CIOs do not begin to prepare early.

Are you future-proofing enough?