Date: 31 August, 2020
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When an important client goes upset, we bring our best managers onboard to address. Why?

In many of the cases, these "client management stalwarts" manage to pacify the client too.

How do these people convince the client on the same ideas which others might be struggling with - despite putting their best efforts?

This is no magic. Effective client management is a capability- mostly found in people who practice to think from a wider perspective. In doing that, they practice compassion and empathy to step into the client's shoes and understand their state of mind.

It is through that awareness, they connect the dots between their own and the client's perceptions about the problems and proposed solutions.

A leader cannot contribute to the company's performance until he influences and inspires everyone in the team - at all levels and hierarchies to think like a proxy product owner (the client) and also from the perspective of the end user (client of the client).

Effective applications are built on these deep thought-out principles and practices.

The client will always trust those in the team, who prove they actually understand them. Isn’t it?