Date: 08 October, 2020
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Will Industry 4.0 Bring Efficiency 4.0, and Human Technology Alongside IT?

Productivity has ever been a challenge for the business landscape. It isn't always about the intent though. From network efficiencies to human constraints of delivering as per estimates, everything together brought about these challenges.

As we navigate through the changes in Ind 4.0, it may turn out to be a new age of productivity and efficiency- both at individual and org levels.

By bringing real-time information from users and internal suppliers to finding meaning insights behind those numbers and identifying powerful solutions - businesses across industries can improve efficiencies in a much better way

Cognitive computing is a robust promise here. This technology simulates human thought processes in a computerized model. The machine gets trained to think like humans -- a great assistance

Besides, in the age of "data-overload", industry 4.0 will see organizations leveraging smart filters. These filters will help identify what data is most useful and what is just the noise

B2C industries such as Healthcare, Education, Banking, IoT and cloud tech will be an important decision to boost performance