Tusar Ranjan Panigrahi


  • Result oriented and self-directed individual with ~15 years of proficiency in IT Service Delivery, Program/Project Development Life Cycle, Incident/Problem Management, Vendor Management, Agile, Stake holder management, DevOps, and IT Customer Service Support while contributing to diverse aspects of planning, designing, development, and delivery of system solutions for a specific business or technology area.

  • My career has been centered on identifying and qualifying new demand of Information Technology with overall responsibility for steering proposals through the early phases of approval. Leveraging my skills across Maintenance and development of detailed IT solution/service design, based on functional specifications, to meet quality and performance requirements and technical constraints, I have contributed to the development, building, configuration, customization, and unit testing of solutions as per requirements.

  • Credited with significantly impacting bottom-line profitability and the environment, I excel at holding end to end accountability for business processes, integrating service horizontally across organizational units, and managing interfaces between service delivery projects. My ability to analyze peculiar requirements and create unique solutions has proven to be one of my greatest assets.












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DevOps trending Adaptation and impact of its implications

The enterprise customers want transition to happen as quickly as possible—new technologies, programmes, and revenues. Simultaneously they need a system that is secure and free of outages and interruptions at the same time. As a result, businesses are faced with the dilemma of either delivering improvements rapidly and coping with an unpredictable production climate, or sustaining a steady yet outdated environment.

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The Covid handshake between healthcare & digital: How lasting is the Impact?

Before 2020, we were sure Digital can revolutionize Healthcare.

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Industry 4.0 : Is it still a Buzzword...Not any more

As we’re Navigating into a new era of digital – where the lines that divide our physical, biological and digital worlds will likely diminish, industry 4.0..

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Do Digital or Die. Leaders, This Become a Truer Principle For Us In The 4th Industrial Revolution

Just as everyone and every business around the world, leaders have had the biggest of disruptions..

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It’s Time We Get Our Roadmaps Ready For Banking & Finance - For An Accelerated Transition Into Industry 4.0

Post Covid- it is not just about winning the digital game alone. All sectors including the BFSI have to..

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Disease Diagnose Delay, Jumbling of Reports, Extensive Wait: Does Industry 4.0 Promise A Respite?

The 4th Industrial Revolution comes with various promises, especially, for Healthcare.

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Will Industry 4.0 Bring Efficiency 4.0, and Human Technology Alongside IT?

Productivity has ever been a challenge for the business landscape. It isn't always about the intent though. From network efficiencies to human..

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Corona Isn’t Still The Greatest Disruption. Are We Geared Up To Survive Industry 4.0?

We’re Navigating into a new era of digital – where the lines that divide physical, biological and digital..

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What it Means for Healthcare to Become Future-Ready?

The Healthcare CIOs are already doing a lot to integrate data around the doctors, payers, providers and patients. They’re gearing up to..

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AI Alone can Redefine Healthcare. It is Time we Evaluate Our Readiness

Tech is turning out the cannon for a competitive edge for all industries. Healthcare, meanwhile, has an additional purpose to serve – which is beyond..

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Healthcare is a lot more Informed now. Is technology bringing as much intelligence to your institution as well?

Mining Medical records & Designing Treatments– AI is potentially helping mine medical records..

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To err is human. But errors in healthcare sector can be fatal.

Tech comes with promises to plug loose ends. But are leveraging the apps optimally? Apps have revolutionized several industries and the impact..

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When an important client goes upset, we bring our best managers onboard to address. Why?

In many of the cases, these "client management stalwarts" manage to pacify the client too.

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We complain about silos very often. How many of us show the courage to break them but?

The conflicts between Development and Operations have long existed. But very few..

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Is it the right time for building a workforce of tomorrow?

The business world is extremely volatile and unpredictable. Organizations of today are aware of the dubious nature of circumstances and are..

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Invest in Technology to Improve Process. Not the Routine Transactions

“Every organization is a technological giant today”. The statement requires no validation because a business that is not investing resources in..

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“Innovation is your ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat.” – Steve Jobs.

Covid-19 has changed everything around us. However, sitting down and expecting things to..

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Service Innovation in a Digital world

When we, as an organization or as individuals, expect growth, we need to bring innovation to the mainstream.Several leading organizations are fast setting up centers for innovation and define..

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Only through communication can human life hold meaning--Paulo Freire

Communication has always been important for human progress and survival.However, in a situation of lockdown and social distancing, it..

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How to come together without being together during this pandemic

The pandemic joggled us professionally and personally. We’ve discussed it well enough. It is time to look up then.

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If its challenging you, testing you, & pushing you…. its helping you become more of who you’re meant to be.

The present world order may not endorse those who choose to become comfortable with what..

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How management and technological expertise makes me a better professional

It’s a world full of disruptions. If we want to thrive, we must rise above our cocoon – taking up more..



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